Virtual Museum in Development

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Virtual Museum in Development

In order to enliven the passion for arts, culture, and heritage in Asia, ARCA is currently developing an interactive virtual museum for the public to enjoy.

Inside, visitors are able to see a rich and diverse selection of modern art from the collection of ARCA’s patrons. ARCA’s holistic collection varies from paintings, sculptures, and ceramics.

Within the first phase of developing the virtual museum, ARCA will focus to creating a flawless virtual environment for the two-dimensional objects, paintings. With 3D objects such as sculptures and ceramics, there are greater depth and detail to be fitted inside the virtual museum and the developers at ARCA are working hard to complement the vivid illustrated presented on the artworks and artefacts.

All of the artworks and artefacts presented within the virtual museum have been researched and validated by the team at ARCA. Upon hovering and clicking an artwork or artefact inside the virtual museum, visitors will be able to take a brief glimpse and a short description. A URL to a research document will also be presented within the short description that will take the visitor to see the full depth of the artwork or artefact.