The Ciputra Family: Persevering The Legacy of Hendra Gunawan

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The Ciputra Family: Persevering The Legacy of Hendra Gunawan

If we’re discussing on where to enjoy the paintings of the famed Hendra Gunawan, one may not look further than many of Ciputra family’s real estate complexes. Accompanied by contemporary arts of today, Hendra Gunawan’s oeuvre stands out among the others.

The Ciputra family had been long known for their fascination and personal connection with Hendra Gunawan. The admiration can be seen from miles away, as Ciputra’s real estate business made great use of the artistic prowess of the artist. Take the housing complex Ciputra built, Citra Raya as an example. From the moment we walk in, we are greeted by a humongous city gate that is standing tall, decorated by majestic steeds as its guardian. Afterwards, the first cul de sac introduces the city’s keen eyes on the beauty of art; ballerina sculptures performing various movements of ballet. Moving even further, we can see many of Hendra Gunawan paintings made use of another media, masonry made into sculptures. The city’s hospital and shopping mall even incorporated the artist’s painting aesthetics as a decorative elements on the walls and their exteriors.

It goes to show how much the Ciputra Family treasures their relationship with the maestro that was involved with modern Indonesia’s awakening to art. We can see even more in focus of that level of admiration and affection in Ciputra Artpreneur Museum. Within, there are letters used in communicating to the artist back and forth from Mr. Ciputra himself when he was purchasing artworks.

The ARCA team had the pleasure on meeting Mr. Ciputra’s well accomplished daughter on both business and art endeavors, Rina Ciputra Sastrawinata. She continued the family legacy on preserving the glorious collection of Hendra Gunawan’s painting. Listen to her take on the family’s endeavors and other tidbits on art below.