Stunning Asian Art Exhibition: Beauty of Chinese Ceramics Throughout History

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Stunning Asian Art Exhibition: Beauty of Chinese Ceramics Throughout History

The National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta, 18 – 24 July 2003. Ancient and modern Chinese ceramic exhibition was held in 18 – 24 July 2003 in The National Museum of Indonesia, an archeological, historical, ethnological, and geographical museum located in Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta. The event was attended by Government of Republic of Indonesia through its Minister of Education and Culture, and The People’s Republic of China through its Ambassador in Jakarta. Meanwhile, the event was intended for the historians, archaeologists, connoisseurs and other visitors who are interested in previous historical trading and diplomatic relationship between two countries, China and Indonesia. Meanwhile, the exhibition was guided by two prominent experts: Aminudin, a curator and researcher from National Archaeology, Art and Culture Foundation – Jakarta, and Li Hong Nien, a director of Beijing Ding Feng International Auction Limited Company – Beijing.

The ancient and modern Chinese ceramics exhibition was intended as a form of consternation of the situation of antique fraud in the antiquity market, where its trade spread in the art world. The antique fraud has inflicted a financial loss of multibillion dollar for collectors and institutions. Therefore, through the exhibition and subsequent study about ancient and modern Chinese ceramics, the process of Chinese ceramic authenticity could be established.

Organized between government of The Republic of Indonesia and The People’s Republic of China, this exhibition focuses on Chinese ceramics from different dynasties, Han dynasty to Ching dynasty classified in a wide variety of shape, design, and glaze. While some are from museum and private collections from Aminudin, other are a result of excavation from burial and shipwrecks. The two speakers allowed the audience to have a strong knowledge base for history of Chinese ceramics with inter-group debate on the ideas of issues presented, based on and around the play. Essentially, the relationship between China and Indonesia history can be traced back to first century ago. Given the location of Indonesia’s archipelago is between Asia and Australia, it had become not only the crossing bridge for the prehistoric people but also – not less important – maritime trade route between India and China. Indonesia’s location between the two trade centers had also influenced history. Therefore, it is hard to portend what time both China and Indonesia countries built a relationship because China had already religious and trade relationship with India since 1st century ago when Buddhist first came to India via the silk route. China’s and India’s voyages must have visited Srivijaya empire for they must have passed through Malacca Strait. This was a network of caravan tracts.

The relationship of both countries would be evident through the existence and distribution of historical artifacts especially Ancient Chinese ceramics in the fatherland, whether the distribution realized by trade, exchange or tribute practices among several kingdoms in Indonesia and Chinese dynasties during the ancient period. The most important one is that through the discovery of ancient ceramic in Indonesia serve as the evidence that the existence of both countries are never apart from the historical aspects, including trade and tribute, religion ideology, and other their cultures relationship starting from centuries ago.

Therefore, with the motivation of creating positive learning effect on people through the display, our team has put emphasis on the way we communicate with visitors and how we can meet the expectation of the audience through exhibiting media.

EVENT: Stunning Asian Art Exhibition:  Beauty of Chinese Ceramics Throughout History.
DATE: 18 – 24 July 2003
PARTICIPANTS: Historians, archaeologists, and connoisseurs from China and Indonesia.
HOSTED: Government of Republic of Indonesia and & The People’s Republic of China.
VENUE: The National Museum of Indonesia Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta