Art Research and Collectors Association (ARCA) is an independent organization that doesn’t receive government or external funding. To continue the establishment and development of our organization and staff life, our organization just relies on the generosity of our partners and members using our service and credibility. As the scholars and experts of ancient and modern Asian art and history, our external and internal team provide the research and authenticity service of Asian artwork to ascertain its authenticity or authorship, attribution, endorsement objectively and scholarly for institutions, corporates or private collectors.

We have the networks and affiliate with a wide range of curators, researchers, scholars and experts from trusted museums and institutions, who all have tens of years experiences in researching Asian art objects and history. If necessary, we could recommend the laboratory analysis (e.g X-ray examination, pigment or media analysis, forensic examination, carbon-14, Thermoluminescence dating, etc.) to the laboratory institutions at additional cost. However, the laboratories or scientific methods may have many practical limitations, and are not precise to ascertain the period and artists.

Our scholarly research of Asian art is applied to describe and ascertain the attribution of period, country origin, creator or artist of artwork thoroughly by:

  • Examining the object in person by physical analyses, technical, aesthetic or stylistic and characteristics of the objects analyzed, including other artistic issues concerning to object.
  • Applying a comprehensive study through the recognized scholars’ literary citations, thorough history and clearly documented provenance research, and catalogue raisonné published by primary museums or institutions for the work of art.
  • Ascertaining the authenticity of a piece and issuing its Certificate of Research & Attribution by comparing with other works made by the same artist of the period or through confirmation with artist’s family or museums/foundations, included but not limited to, are pieces exhibited at recognized catalogues, consultation with qualified museum curators, definite scholars and experts handling or representing the same piece, when necessary.

Please be advised that ARCA does not offer monetary appraisal or valuation of objects of Asian art, either in written, online or oral. As independent researchers, we have no financial interest in valuation or appraisal service and not a representation or warranty that the valued objects will realize the certain financial value if offered for sale to other parties. The value of the objects is an estimate price that could be reviewed and valued by the respective independent appraiser separately.