Our team have actively researched and interpreted the discovery of Asian art and history, and distributed them on a wide range of digital or printed publication platforms to global society. Our publication represents a showcase of Asian art and history to audience throughout the world as a rich source of reference revealing the past and contemporary arts or cultural contexts of Asia and Europe countries.

Our publication aims to provide the unique experience and knowledge of Asian art and history for its global audience with meticulously news, essay or journal reports, videos, art business reports and exhibition catalogues, monographs and catalogues raisonnés in digital or printed platform. This publication promotes scholarly research and critical understanding in areas of Asian art and history rarely covered by commercial and museum publications. Our discovery includes:

  • Advertise or promote Asian art and history through distribution of videos, in-depth and quality news bulletin, articles, interviews, critical opinions, catalogues, and journals to the global
  • Provide detailed information about Asian art and history from all corners of countries as the premier resource for collectors, scholars and Asian art and history enthusiasts.
  • Discover the exclusive interviews with important Asian art and history scholars or curators, experts or advisors, journalists, archaeologists, renowned collectors and art auction specialists or gallerists.
  • Distribute Asian art and history insights deriving from interviews or dialogues with other experts to collectors or enthusiasts around the world.
  • Allow the collectors and audience to stay up to date with the latest news regarding the Asian art and history from direct researches and exhibitions to auction, sale or just exhibition events.
  • Enable the collectors and audience to acquire the Asian art objects researched and promoted for sale or auction.

*Please note that all properties on the photos or images, video and information uploaded in our publication, including news bulletin, articles, essays, catalogues or journals are partly belonged to our partners or third party.