Precious Asian Art Award: The Great Chinese Ceramic Connoisseur from The Great Country

Jakarta, on Thursday, 24th July 2003, Prof. Abu Ridho, an archaeologist and former curator of The National Museum of Indonesia, received a prestigious award “The Great Chinese Ceramic Connoisseur from The Great Country” for his outstanding dedication to the archaeological research on Asian art, especially ancient Chinese ceramics, for over 50 years, from 1949 – 2003. The award was endowed by the great Asia countries, Government of Republic of Indonesia and The People’s Republic of China.

As a leading and prominent expert and archaeologist in the field of Asian arts, Prof. Abu Ridho has not only demonstrated his great effort to the research and authentication of Asian art, but he has also contributed a tremendous amount of art and culture works for the worldwide community. Abu Ridho grew up to be a teenager, and he decided to work in The National Museum of Indonesia (Museum Gajah) in 1950. Firstly, he became an archaeologist assistant to a prominent Dutch Indies curator in Central National Museum of Jakarta, Mr. Egbert W. van Orsoy de Flines (1886 – 1964), which the museum had been founded by an officer of the Dutch East India Company in Batavia as well as a talented naturalist,  Jacob Cornelis Matthieu Radermacher (1741 – 24 December 1783).

After the passing of his predecessor, Abu Ridho superseded his predecessor as a curator of The Central National Museum while he also joined a study at University of Indonesia in Archaeology and History discipline. He then plunged into archaeology and art of ancient ceramics (Chinese, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and other part of Asia regions). Since his career, Abu Ridho was frequently invited by a wide range of the renowned worldwide museums for research and authenticity of Asian artworks. He was also requested to share his knowledge and expertise to evaluate and ascertain the period authenticity of Chinese ceramics preserved by the museums in USA, Europe and Asia countries, including The British Museum, Kyushu Ceramic Museum (Japan), Idemetsu Museum (Tokyo), Princessehof Ceramics Museum or Keramiekmuseum Princessehof (Netherlands), Department of National Museums and Antiquities (Malaysia), and much more.

On behalf of two countries, China and Indonesia, the governments sent both thanks to his precious efforts. The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. I Gede Ardika, complimented, “The part of this award event will be a bit of a blur without sending my thank to Prof. Abu Ridho. Of course, none of us do it for the glory, but it means a lot to have tangible proof that his efforts should be appreciated!” Meanwhile, Mr. Abu Ridho replied it unpretentiously, “Speaking of which, the Chinese vase painted in elaborate design and decoration that is now on my hand is highly gorgeous. I have already placed it in an entryway of my office. Every time I see it, I smile. I am so looking forward to continuing the research to serve Asian art community and organizations.”

EVENT: Precious Asian Art Award: The Great Chinese Ceramic Connoisseur from The Great Country”
DATE: 24th July 2003
PARTICIPANTS: Historians, archaeologists, and connoisseurs from China and Indonesia.
HOSTED: Government of Republic of Indonesia and & The People’s Republic of China.
VENUE: The National Museum of Indonesia Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta