National Archaeological Research Center’s 90th Anniversary

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National Archaeological Research Center’s 90th Anniversary

Jakarta, 14th June 2003, Prof. Abu Ridho, an archaeologist and former curator of The National Museum of Indonesia, received a prestigious award from Pusat Arkeologi Nasional or National Archaeological Center – Jakarta for his dedication and assistance to evaluate and ascertain the Asian artworks in the National Archaeological Research Center for over 50 years. The event was held in Pusat Arkeologi Nasional (National Archaeological Center Building), attended by senior archaeologists, art scholars and historians. Prof. Abu Ridho was selected as one of the recent millennial archaeological pioneers focusing on Asian artifacts.

Pusat Penelitian Arkeologi Nasional (National Archaeological Research Center) is resumption name of Oudheidkundige Dienst (English: Archaeological Service), deriving from Commissie in Nederlandsch Indie voor Oudheidkundige Onderzoek op Java en Madoera, a Commission of Dutch East Indies Handling the Archaeological Objects Found in Java and Madura islands that was established by Dutch East Government in 1913 under Professor Dr. N Nicholaas Johannes Krom (1883 – Leiden 1945). Since its inception, this government institution covered its main activities, namely collecting and providing inventory of archaeological data, research, and preservation of artifacts. Professor Abu Ridho was one of diverse professions who conducted the registration, and the description of artifacts preserved. He also conducted the research concerning with the solving of archaeological issues, which closely to the interpretation of artifacts, as well as establishing or supplementing archaeo-historical hypothesis, whereas the preservation of artifacts generates in restoration and conservation activities. He engaged in archaeological service functions, especially in charge of archaeological works in more scientific way. He is regarded as the prominent processual archaeologist and envisioned ethnoarchaeology as the rightful methodological heir for elucidating archaeological problems scientifically.

National Archaeological Research Center officials said that Prof. Abu Ridho is considered a phenomenal archaeologist and expert. He is not only well-known expert in nationwide, but also in a wide range of established international museums around the world. His endeavors on archaeological excavations and research have been reported, catalogued and published on his valuable books and journals. His published works are now considered as important sources of information, references and values in favor among not only scholars, but also collectors and other sections of the knowledgeable community. He published a great number of works on Asian art that influenced professionals, collectors and community alike on an international stage. Mr. Abu Ridho enlightened that the moon can be explained by modern astronomer and astrophysics. While the origin of humankind’s artifacts, however, can be explained by archaeologists and historians.

Today, under Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Archaeological Research Center is changed to Pusat Arkeologi Nasional (National Archaeological Center). Its functions more widely activities, including the research of prehistoric, ancient arts, historical architectures, cultures, and epigraphy fields that are promoted and shared to the public. We wish National Archaeological Research Center would provide manage and make sure these properties are available for full public use.