Please note that all images, videos and information of artworks uploaded and exhibited in our news bulletin, articles, catalogues, and journals are partly belonged to our partners and third party. The properties are not guaranteed by the owners for sale. However, if you are a serious buyer and willing to acquire the listed items, we will help you to facilitate your acquisition with the owners. ARCA can act as an intermediary between you and the sellers. ARCA is a trusted and experienced third party on behalf of you to find, negotiate and purchase Asian artworks for your investment with supreme quality and dignity.

For this intermediary service, the buyer is applied for FREE OF PREMIUM to our intermediary fee. However, when the listed artwork is on auction or sale at our external partners’ auction website, traditional or live auction, the auctioneers may set their policy, terms and conditions to charge a certain % of buyer’s premium and any agreed-upon expenses.

*Please contact us for the possibility of using our intermediary service.