ARCA (Art Research and Collectors Association) covers all Asian artworks and historic relics that are found, created or emerged in Asia countries, from past centuries ago (more than 100 years age) for antique artworks to present day for contemporary artworks. They could include:

  1. Archaeological Asian artworks excavated from archaeological ruins areas or created by people in Asia countries, such as ceramics or porcelains, weapons, sculptures or statues, historic stones or scripts.
  2. Asian historic relics, including historic buildings and temples.
  3. Asian paintings, drawings, sculptures or other artworks created by the well-known deceased artists from Asia countries.
  4. Highly valued contemporary Asian artworks created by established Asian veterans or life artists in the second half of the 20th century to present day.
  5. Other Asian historic artworks or relics preserved in the worldwide museums, primary museums, auction houses or galleries around the world.

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