When you hire our intermediary service, our internal experts will research the artworks in personal inspection. We guarantee their authenticity based on our expert’s thoroughly written research and attribution. We will issue a Certificate of Research and Attribution (CRA) as the representation of Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for the purchased items. Our Certificate of Research and Attribution is better quality the general Certificate of Authenticity by other foundations or companies in the market. Our Certificate of Research and Attribution reveals the facts on a physical document describing thoroughly qualitatively and scholarly research and attribution of the item. Our research is relied on artwork’s style and design, characteristics, literary citations, provenance and exhibition research, catalogue raisonné submission, comparison with the similar pieces’ characteristics or style from primary museums and reputable auction houses, or consultation with definitive experts. You will have 48 hours to inspect personally and approve the purchase once you accept the item, whether the item is as described on Certificate of Research & Attribution and listed on our website or not. We encourage you to complete this step immediately upon receipt.

Please be advised that the term “Certificate of Authenticity” for an antique piece or artwork is not automatically genuine of the artwork. Many Certificate of Authenticity are basically worthless and even fraudulent in the market. It can be problematic in the market since the artists creating their artwork passed away in tens, hundreds or thousands of years ago. In addition, not all certificates of authenticity from experts are the same, and they may be different quality of research, opinion, research content and conclusion because all depend on the expertise and hands-on experience of experts. Therefore, in the art world context, the certificate of authenticity and other similar instruments of artworks set a liability on the limitations of their deficiency, including but not limited to any omissions, mistakes, erroneous attributions, inaccurate artists, country origin and period.

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