Of course, you could. However, this service will apply the publication fee US$50 per article of a piece advertised for sale or auction. The article or essay of an artwork will be exhibited as a catalogue at our website until your artwork is sold. However, your essay or article of your Asian artwork for sale or promotion should meet the requirements:

  1. The Asian artwork or object should be firstly researched or authenticated by reputable expert, museum curator, or appraised by established appraiser or auction house at his or her first-hand inspection with written certificate.
  2. Your text should be in English with 300 – 1500 words long, detailed description of your objects, informative, proofread and divided into paragraphs. The required information includes:
    1. type of object
    2. art and culture
    3. material
    4. Period of creation
    5. country of origin
    6. dimensions (in cm)
  3. Your article, critical opinion or catalogue should have composition:
    1. Title
    2. Introduction
    3. Body
    4. Image (should be close-up, detailed and clear image with neutral background)

Submission shall be initially assessed and reviewed by our editor. A reviewer may recommend acceptance of the images and text, acceptance subject to revisions, resubmission with revisions, or rejection.

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