Why does ARCA apply the annual charitable donation to advertisers?

For your advertisement and the exposure of your artworks to millions around the globe, we ask that you donate to our organization. Your charitable donation builds the reputation of your institution while providing a great service to us. Also, your charitable donation will help ARCA to fund:

  • The design and composition of a digital magazine for your article and collection.
  • Pay and support of our staffs and their families for their daily life.
  • Advertising your article, essay, catalogue and artworks to a wide range of paid and free place, like other blogs, submission to more than worldwide 500 article directories.
  • Promote your article, essay, catalogue and artworks on our weekly newsletters to our members and subscribers, and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) and much more.
  • Submit your article, essay, catalogue and artworks to various search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN indexing your articles.
  • Promoting your organization logo and website link to our website to increase brand awareness and engage your organization.
  • Sharing your profile as a passionate collector dedicated to Asian art and culture.
  • Providing a Charity Certificate from our foundation or association.
  • Organizing our Asian Art Relicts and Culture Association community events.
  • Funding our expeditions, research studies and publishing to bring more impacts of Asian art and culture to more people.
  • Increase awareness and education of Asian art and culture to more people.
  • Designing and developing an organization’s or gallery’s stunning and interactive website, either as an e-commerce or exhibition platform, if needed.
  • Applying a yearly or monthly discounted fee of maintenance for your website.
  • Applying yearly discounted fee for hosting, domain, and server services.
  • Maintaining our monthly IT infrastructure, hosting, domain, and server services.

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