What is the difference between the types of Associate and Individual memberships?

Associate membership is a qualified organizational member, such as well-structured government institutions, formal universities or institutions, associations, public communities that have more than 100 members dedicated to Asian art and culture. This Associate Member is allowed to assign its staff or a member as an administrator contact on behalf of its organization to invite and manage all its members on our website. He or she has the privilege to invite its members to participate in forums, discussions, chats, insight exchanges among other members, and can distribute events or other activities to its group or forum on our virtual platform.

Individual membership is a qualified individual member outside the Associate Member, including archaeologists, museum curators, experts, artists, collectors, galleries, or passionate people on Asian art and culture. This Individual member can manage his/her profile to engage in forums, discussions, insights exchanges, events or other activities with other individual members on our virtual platform. If you are not a member of an Associate member group, you may apply to an Associate member of our Associate Member (based on its respective policies or regulations). If you are member of other association or organization that have not been registered as an Associate member, please recommend ARCA’s membership to your organization or institution.

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