What are the requirements to submit articles, essays, catalogue or critical opinion on ARCA?

Any submitted articles, essays, catalogues or critical opinions have the following requirements:

  1. The articles, essays, critical opinions or catalogues should be submitted by professional and reputable authors, journalists, experts, archaeologists, appraisers or curators.
  2. If your object or collection is a highly valued antique or artwork from deceased artists, it should be researched and authenticated by a reputable expert, museum curator, or appraised by an established appraiser or auction house, with a written certificate.
  3. Your text should be in English, approximately 500 – 1000 words long, including a detailed description of your objects, proofread content, divided neatly into paragraphs. Please incorporate:
    • The type of object
    • Material
    • Period of creation
    • Country of origin
    • Dimensions (in cm)
  4. Your piece should be organized as follows:
    1. Title
    2. Introduction
    3. Body
    4. Image (should be close-up, detailed and clear image with neutral background)
    5. The link of video uploaded on YouTube, if available.

Submission will be initially assessed and reviewed by our editor. A reviewer may recommend acceptance of a text, acceptance subject to revisions, resubmission with revisions, or rejection. 

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