Associate Member

If you are an organization dedicated to Asian art and culture or other qualified organizations whose vision and mission are generally consistent with those of our foundation, we highly welcome you as an associate partner. To be eligible as our associate partner, your organization should:

  • Be a formal organization, either in form of a museum, university, institution, or associations which is committed to the serious practice and advancement of Asian art and culture, including history.
  • Have a substantial number of members, groups or projects dedicating to Asian art and culture or history.
  • Have a website link featuring your experience and expertise globally in Asian art and culture or history.
  • Provide a contact person to function as the group administrator who is allowed to manage its members on the ARCA’s website.

Unlike with other free groups or forums platforms on social medias, Asian Art Relics and Culture Association (ARCA) provides more unique, comprehensive and exclusive features to members. Each Associate Member is provided, through its chosen administrator, access to our online exclusive group which can involve all its members.

Exclusive access to manage your members on our distinguished online forum. ✔  
Register and allow all your members to set a customizable profile on our website. ✔  
Can manage your members in your virtual forum for discussion, sharing or exchanging insights on Asian art relics and culture. ✔  
Communicates and distributes your events, talks and other activities to your members without hassle. ✔  
Accept or reject membership application from a qualified audience. ✔  
Creates campaigns to engage your existing members and increase membership from new members. ✔  
Allows your members to share knowledge and expertise on Asian art and culture or history. ✔  
Enables your members to upload images of Asian art and culture or collections for comment or discussion. ✔  
Allows your members to reach the global networks of Asian art and culture experts and communities. ✔  
Enables your members to share experience, education and learning on Asian art and culture, and work with their peers to learn more. ✔  
Prominently displays your association’s logo and link at our accessible website. ✔  
Distributes your organization’s activities and events news or information and improve your association’s branding and reputation. ✔  
Makes your organization’s website easily accessible by worldwide passionate people interested in Asian art and culture. ✔  
Allows your members to enjoy our valuable digital studies, publications, videos and webinar on Asian art and culture. ✔  
Shares information and activities of your organization with embed YouTube Video to your members. ✔  
Grants your organization and members the ability to share their events and activities on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. ✔  
Possibility to include your organization in the well-advertised ARCA network like in global magazines, newspapers, and on social media. ✔  
Get email alerts on appealing stories, seminars, exhibitions, workshops, festivals and other important events on Asian art relics and culture. ✔  

All applications for our associate membership status will be discreetly screened by the Executive Committee. Our Executive Committee reserves the right to evaluate, accept or reject your associate membership status if your organization or association deemed not eligible. Please read our Privacy Policy & Regulations regarding the validity of collections, our discussions policy, and accuracy of member profiles.

Become an ARCA Associate Member today to expose your association to new opportunities, enjoy our exclusive benefits, keep up to date with the latest news, and help safeguard the future of Asian art and culture.

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