ARCA is Featured on Hipotesa Media

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ARCA is featured on Hipotesa Media

ARCA, previously Asean Museum, was featured on Hipotesa Media. Hipotesa is a media company based in Indonesia that covers issues on history and culture, and publishes videos on the same topic.

Chairman of ARCA, Aminudin was interviewed on the topic of Asian countries’ diversity that existed even before we realized the term ‘globalism’.

Asia was congregated by means of trade. Emperors and kings from different nations at the time cherished the peace and mutual respect that was developed by sharing the ever beneficial trade routes by and from many nations of Asia. Not only China and its counterparts in southeast Asia, Middle Eastern people were also involved in creating a positive environment that bloomed the trade at the time. Feel free to watch the video above to discover more about ARCA’s take on the matter and learn about the historical fact rarely known to the masses.