Aminuddin, SH, MBA

The researcher and president

National Archaeology, Art and Culture Foundation

Amin initially began to lead his career as entrepreneur in fertilizer factory and export. He has over 30 years of experience in the ancient Chinese art and modern Indonesia fine art industry. Since 1990, as a foremost collector, he has begun collecting Chinese art and Indonesia artworks. In his youth and, over the decades, he developed an infallible eye for historical and artistic pieces by regularly visiting the prominent collectors and descents of their past collectors around the remote regions of Indonesia. Crowned with an extensive and a long-term experience dedicating to Chinese ceramic and Indonesian fine art world, Amin was aroused to foster his knowledge and experience by joining with Professor Abu Ridho, a Senior Archaeologist and Central National Museum Jakarta curator at that time. As an assistant Professor, Amin has been highly engaged in scholarly research and critical understanding in areas of Chinese and Southeast Asian artworks since 1995. He re-examines and elaborates Asian art authenticity of what Professor ascertained on a certificate of authenticity.

Amin has also carefully traced and researched the Chinese and Southeast Asian heirlooms spreading to historic sites, direct artists and judicious collectors around the remote regions in Southeast Asian countries. As a patron of artworks, together with Professor Abu Ridho, he established the National Archaeology, Art and Culture Foundation in 2002, where he took the position as a director. Being blessed with hands-on clinical experience in curatorial of Asian artworks across country for decades, he built Asian Art Museum Society under the National Archaeology, Art and Culture Foundation, to reveal a spirit toward civilization of Chinese and Southeast Asian culture connected to these artwork’s relics. He has curated the exhibitions in that field and until today regularly visited archaeological ruins areas, and researched the Asian relicts and artifacts spreading throughout the country. As a 5th Chinese lineage from his grandfather, his exhaustingly but vigorously journey leads him to excavate some historical artifacts that are rarely recorded by commercial publications. Amin has done endeavor to reveal the ancient Chinese and Indonesia artworks by placing them in their historical and cultural contexts.

Since reaping his debut in the world of archeology, art and culture research, Amin is highly respected by government, society and media for his expertise and connoisseurship. In 2003, together with Professor Abu Ridho, he was honorably appointed by The Republic of Indonesia Ambassador to China to research and publish the book on Chinese ceramic, bronze and Indonesia heritages as his concrete outcome. The research was tremendously successful, and his published work was appreciated by several institutions, including from Indonesia and China governments. The appreciations and supports came from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Lu Shumin, and greeting letter from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. A.A Kustia, from the Chairman of People’ Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia, Professor Dr. HM. Amien Rais and from the Museum of “Prabu Geusan Ulun” – Sumedanglarang – West Java, Raden Moh. Achmad Wiriatmodjo.

Amin is also a vigorous collector in the country, and his valuable collections have been the reference objects for archaeologists and museums. He is regularly asked for his opinions by historians, connoisseurs and archaeologists from National Archaeological Agency – Central Jakarta. Until today, some of his valuable collections have been recorded as the cultural heritage objects in the National Archaeological Agency archive – Central Jakarta. He is highly caring of cultural and historical of Asian art and antiques. He has conducted a clinical examination on ancient artifacts and collections spreading in the archaeological sites around the country considered to be destinations of trade and diplomatic between China, Europe and Southeast Asian countries in the past. For him, the establishment of authenticity is a central issue for the art world. Hence, his investigative research and explanation on Asian artworks are relied on historical, cultural and tradition contexts by analyzing its shape, design, style brushstroke and establishing its sound provenance facts, not like guessing a game.

In addition, Amin usually accomplishes his academic research through the checking of catalogue raisonnés from reputable museums, auction houses, along with reliable and credible book references. He is a specialist in the field of the investigation of art and its authenticity. Because his scrutiny in Asian artworks field, he regularly appears on national TV channels, magazines and Newsletter’s media. Amin has written about Chinese art and Indonesia fine art references, including numerous articles about both in digital editions widely distributed and having been read by thousands of the worldwide audience art since 2003. Aminuddin was an Associate Member of International Society of Appraisers (ISA), with membership number: 7035928 in 2003.