Do you have Asian artwork that you want to advertise and promote for sale, auction or just exhibition at our website? We help you promote and find the prospective buyers, collectors or audience around the globe. To accommodate the increasing interest of audience to advertise and promote their Asian art collections, ARCA provides the exclusive advertising and promotion service for Asian artworks through our rich digital marketing and strategy at our website. The advertising and promotion service is one of our ideas to find and enhance the fundraising to continue the continuity of ARCA service and preservation of Asian art and history to public.

For this advertising and promotion service, you as a seller or owner are subject to a listing fee of your artwork at our website amounting to US$50 per item. The fee is applied for life at our website until your artwork is sold. When your item is successful sold and shipped to the buyer’s destination, our intermediary service will apply the fee that is deducted from the price to our standard commission per item:

  • 15% for item above US$20,000
  • 18% for item from US$5,001 to US$20,000
  • 21% for item up to US$5,000.

The listing fee and standard commission are excluded the packaging and shipment costs, insurance plus Bank expense incurred when your artwork is sold. The listing fee US$50 will also be reimbursed to your account when your artwork is successful sold and shipped to the buyer’s destination.

ARCA regularly promote Asian art and history news, essays, videos, art business reports and exhibition catalogues, monographs and catalogues raisonnés in digital or printed platform. Therefore, the listing and intermediary commission are used as expenses to:

  • Compose a digital catalogue about your artwork, and publish it at our website to bring more impacts to more collectors or enthusiasts.
  • Submit your artwork and essay to various search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN indexing our promotions.
  • Advertise and promote your artwork and essay on our weekly newsletters to our members and subscribers through email, social medias (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) and much more.
  • Advertise and promote your artwork to a wide range of paid and free place, like other blogs, submission to hundreds of worldwide article directories.
  • Advertise and promote your artwork at external commercial or marketplace website platforms, like eBay, Amazon, Facebook business, Etsy, Instagram and other trusted online auction platforms from other external vendors.

*Please contact us for the possibility of using our advertising and promotion service.